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We work with different producer groups across the Rwandan countryside! They supply us with beeswax and various other locally made accessories for our candles.


Rwanda has a strong beekeeping tradition in the culture. Beekeeping in Rwanda has been practiced
for many years, with the knowledge of the activity being passed on through generations.
The methods of beekeeping in Rwanda are mostly traditional, building hives by hollowing tree trunks
and sealing off the ends with dung with small holes for the bees to enter.

Honey is used as a food product for home, medicine and for brewing traditional liquor, while beeswax
was mostly discarded as a waste by-product. With the help of experts from around the world,
Bee Light has organised workshops and training sessions with our Beekeepers, and providing them
with an added source of income by buying the beeswax! We train our beekeepers to improve their
skills and in turn increase their production capacity


Our candles, waxed cloth products and glassware are made in-house at our workshop by artisans we
have trained. Most of our in-house artisans are young members of the local community who did not
have access to the normal stream of education or labor force. We have trained them in these special
skills to empower them while we employ them.

For our candle accessories, Bee Light has partnered with artisans across the country that specialise in
different crafts. We work with potters that make clay plates to place candles on, with wood carvers
that make wooden candlesticks and weavers that weave candle holders with sisal.

The materials used by our artisans are 100% Rwandan. The clay is sourced from the rivers, and the
wood from local Jacaranda trees. We offer our artisans help with developing designs and to find a
market for their beautiful products.